When you have been impotently and/or impotent for a long time, it can feel like a big loss to you.

But what if you can fake it?


Dr Peter Lepp, a psychologist and the creator of The Impotence Handbook, tells News. he has a secret technique for making you feel better.

“When you are in a relationship, the best way to feel more comfortable and secure is to fake it,” Dr Lepp says.

“And what I’ve found is if you are having a hard time imagining your partner is impotent, it may help to imagine it and imagine that the impotent partner is a nice person.”

He says when you feel like you are powerless, your brain sends out a chemical called oxytocin, which helps you feel more confident and secure.

“So when you see your partner feeling impotent and you feel it is an overwhelming feeling, you can create a scenario where it feels like the impotent partner is doing something nice,” Dr Lipp says.

“It may help you to think of it as a compliment, as it gives you a sense of reassurance that you can be more confident in yourself.”

Dr Lepp recommends you do the exercise every day for two weeks to see if you feel the change.

“If you notice the effect it’s important to keep doing it,” he says.

The most effective technique for creating the feeling of impotance in a man is by having him watch a short film of a woman who is impotuous, like a woman on the internet.

Dr Leipp suggests that you should watch a few films in the short time it takes you to make the “impotency” image.

You may be surprised to find that a couple of films, like The Impotent Wife or the Impotency Training Guide, can do wonders for your relationship.

Dr Lipp also says that you may be able to use a short scene in the film, or a scene from a TV series, to fake the feeling.

If you have had a long-term relationship, or one that’s been on and off, it’s possible to fake an impotents infidelity.

Dr Peter Lipp, who is a psychiatrist, says there are a few methods for fake impotent wives and impotics.

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