Here are the top five pills for men, according to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Zoloft Zoloft is a medication approved by the FDA for treating obsessive-compulsive disorder.

According to the FDA, Zolothin is a non-opioid antidepressant.

This medication can be taken up to three times a day, as opposed to an anti-anxiety medication, which can last up to 12 hours.

You can use Zololoft up to four times a week.

Zoocup is a stimulant that can be used up to five times a month.


Caffeine and Ketamine These two drugs are often called “speed pills,” because they are stimulants that can boost a person’s heart rate and body temperature.

According the FDA’s website, the combination of these two drugs is known as the “speed pill.”

They can be given to people who have heart failure or people who are suffering from a severe form of depression.

You may need a prescription for these medications.

Citalopram is another medication that can make you feel more energetic.

You’ll need a pharmacy card for these drugs.


Niacinamide and Zoloxodone These drugs are sometimes called “brain drugs.”

They work by increasing the production of neurotransmitters in the brain.

They’re used to treat epilepsy and other brain disorders.

The drugs can also help with memory problems.


Buprenorphine and Clonidine These are medications that are used to help treat narcolepsy, which is the inability to fall asleep or fall asleep at all.

The FDA says Buproprion, a synthetic version of Bupromorphine, is an anticonvulsant.

It’s also used for treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.


Ketamine and Methamphetamine These medications are often referred to as “speed drugs.”

It helps a person fall asleep faster and can help with anxiety and depression.

These drugs are also used to speed up your metabolism.

These can be helpful for treating opioid addiction.

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