You may know these strains as weed, but do you know which ones you love the most?

It turns out there’s an answer for you.

In a new survey by, we polled the public about their favorite strains.

The most popular strains for us are the popular strains that you probably already know and love, like Blue Dream and Purple Kush.

And the least popular ones?

We have to admit, some of the more obscure strains that have been popping up around the internet are a real pain in the ass.

Here’s the list.1.

Blue Dream – Blue Dream is a strain that’s easy to get your hands on and easy to find.

Its a super easy strain to get high with, but you don’t want to get into the habit of doing it all the time.

So we recommend that you take it at least once a week.2.

Purple Kush – Purple Kush is another super easy to use strain, but its also one of the most potent and potent strains we’ve seen in the last year.

This strain is a classic example of a “weed” strain that makes weed taste good and have a really good buzz.

But its also the most popular of the three weed strains in our survey.3.

Vibe Kush – This is the other super easy-to-get weed strain that we have a hard time getting high with.

It is one of those strains that can make you forget youre doing drugs, which is the reason why we recommend taking it at the very least twice a week, and at least twice per day.4.

Dixie Kush – Dixie is another great strain to use as a replacement for weed.

Its one of our favorite strains, and we use it a lot as a substitute for weed, although we think it’s also great for a little bit of weed, too.5.

Impotence – Impotency is a lot of fun and the easiest weed to get the hang of.

You can smoke it for hours and still be able to come up with some fun lines.6.

Vape Kush – We have an Impotent in our database, so we like to call it Vape.

Theres a lot going on with this strain, which makes it a perfect alternative for those who are feeling a little down after a day or two of weed.7.

Diddy Kush – A bit of a unique strain that can help you feel super good when youre trying to get through a day.8.

Smog – This strain has a pretty unique flavor, and its great for those that are smoking it and want to make their morning smoke a little more mellow.9.

Dandy Kush – Another great weed strain, Dandy is an easy strain, and one that we recommend smoking with as much as possible.10.

Viva Kush – Theres another great weed in our WeedMaps database, Viva.

This is one strain that is definitely an ideal strain for those with a high tolerance to smoking weed.11.

The Shifty Weed – This one is a little trickier to get to, but we think its a great choice for those wanting to get more buzz without getting too high.12.

Dank Kush – If youre looking for something that can be used to add a little spice to your weed, Dank is definitely a good option for you to try.13.

Imposter Kush – Imitation Kush is a very simple strain to pick up, but if you want a super cool strain to start with, Impersonator Kush is definitely one of its favorites.14.

Canna Kush – Canna is one the most easy to pick-up strains to start using, and it’s definitely a great strain for people who like a bit of an edge.15.

Droning Kush – One of the coolest strains in the database, Dronings Kush is the one that makes us think that there must be a lot more to cannabis than just the THC and CBD.16.

Weed Eater – Weed Eater is one our favorite weed strains, especially for those of us who love the flavor of the plant.17.

Cacti Kush -Cacti is a great way to start your day with weed.

You cant even get that same buzz with a weed strain as Cactis Kush.18.

The Pusher – This weed strain is great for the whole family, because its super easy and you can smoke a lot at once.19.

Drown Kush – With this weed strain youll be able take your weed and go to the bank with it.20.

Pusher Kush – Youll be amazed at how fast this strain can take your strain.21.

Smoke and Die – This strains is the ultimate blend of everything we love about weed.

It can be a little difficult to get, but it can be incredibly good at the same time.22.

Crave Kush – These are some

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