CNN: Pope Francis, who is on a weeklong pilgrimage to the Philippines, is praying for impotsence and other heart ailments.

He is praying about how to deal with his own, and his colleagues’, impotency.

This week he is praying in Tagum, a city in southern Mindanao, the Philippines’ largest city, where the government declared a state of emergency last week after a spate of deadly drug-related violence.

Francis is using the prayers for what he calls “physical and mental strength.”

We’re told he is focusing on the spiritual dimensions of impotance.

He says God is looking to him for strength in his relationship with his wife, the Mother of God, who also is a mother of three.

Francis says the impotent are the ones who do not want to pray for themselves and who feel powerless.

He said: The problem is that many impotents are those who have no one to pray to, no one who listens to them, no ones who know how to help them.

And they can’t be helped by anyone.

We need to help those who are powerless, and that’s what we are doing in this Mass.

The Pope’s prayer is not directed at any one individual, he says, but rather to those who lack God’s love and are struggling to be loved by others.

Francis has been visiting the country, including in the city of Pasay City, where he has been meeting with residents.

The mass has already been translated into English and is being broadcast on local television.

His visit to the city comes a day after the Pope visited the city and said he hoped to find solutions to the problem of drug abuse and violence.

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