A new Australian study finds that having a prostatectomic procedure is not a barrier to future success.

The Australian National Pain Society’s report on the future of pain research is the first to compare pain outcomes among men who had prostatectomes, to men who did not.

“We were very surprised to find that it wasn’t the case that having surgery would lower the likelihood of a successful recovery,” lead author Dr Paul Roper, a professor of general surgery at the University of Melbourne, told The Drum.

“It seems the most common reason for men not to have surgery is to protect their quality of life and to be able to have a routine checkup.”

Dr Roper says the study is a landmark.

“This is the only study that has looked at this topic, so the first step was to conduct a controlled trial,” he said.

“And it found that the impact of having a surgical procedure on recovery was the same as that of not having surgery.”

It found that, for men who underwent surgery, their overall pain was comparable to men without surgery.

But men who didn’t have surgery experienced significantly higher rates of pain.

The pain experienced by men who were not undergoing surgery had the same impact on their recovery as those who had surgery.

“In men who are not undergoing any surgery, there is a reduction in the overall pain,” Dr Roper said.

This was confirmed in a follow-up study of men who returned to work and had a successful surgery.

This is important, he said, as the impact on pain for men undergoing prostatectome surgery has been poorly studied.

“Our study shows that there is an important role for pain to be part of the decision making process for the men who decide whether or not to go through surgery,” DrRoper said, explaining that it could reduce anxiety and depression among the men.

“If men are not able to make the decision whether or to go into surgery, it could put the health of the entire health system at risk.”

Dr Mark Smith, who is leading the National Pain Study, said that the study also found a lack of understanding of the risks involved in having surgery.

It’s not clear whether the research is representative of the general population.

But Dr Smith said that he was confident that the findings will provide information to doctors about the benefits of prostatectomalies and the risks of surgery.

He said that this would help guide future surgical interventions.

“For now, it’s good that we have a much better understanding of what’s happening with prostatectomas,” Dr Smith told The Australian.

“Hopefully this will help us in our efforts to develop better interventions for people with these types of cancers.”

He also said that further research was needed to better understand the mechanisms of pain relief.


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