An impotent couple will soon be reunited.

But not before they’ll spend several days searching for the answer to the impotency crossword that they’ve been unable to solve.

The couple, John and Jill Lasky, will be on vacation for a month, and their vacation is a chance for them to relax and get to know each other more, according to NBC News.

The Laskys are having their second child together, so they decided to make their vacation an impotent one.

The crossword will be in their laps for several weeks as they search for answers, but they’ve never been impotent before.

“We are impotent,” Jill Lassay said.

“The impotents crossword is a challenge that we’ve never had to face before.

So we’re hoping to learn from it and come up with a better answer than we did the first time around.”

They started the impostors crossword by writing in their minds names of people that would be impotent.

But they also asked themselves: If I could get an answer, would I be able to stop thinking about the person?

“I’ve been thinking about people for years,” Jill said.

Jill and John Lasker said that their impotencies crossword had already been on their minds for years, and they had never thought about a person as impotent until recently.

They found the answer they were looking for when they realized that the answer would be a name that they thought was impotent, but in reality was a man.

“We’re just hoping that we can get through the imposter syndrome,” Jill told NBC News, “and come up as impotens, rather than impotants.” 

The couple says that the crossword has been challenging for them.

They’ve searched through all the impossibilities and the answers, and when they find the answer, they have to stop and reflect on how they felt at the time of the answer.

“The impostor syndrome is the idea that the person you think is an imposter is actually someone you really do love,” Jill explained.

“It was such a relief to find that the impots crossword would be in our laps,” John added.

“It’s so exciting.”

They plan to share the impromptu crossword challenge with the other impotent couples in their community, and Jill says that they will continue to keep the imponderables crossword on their laps.

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