Teenage Ninja Turtles (2003) was one of the most influential, critically acclaimed and commercially successful animated films of the 1980s.

It opened the door for the genre to be embraced by a broader audience and catapulted the character into pop culture history.

However, the film’s sequel, Teenage Acrobat, was one that did not do well.

While the original film opened with a bang, it was also overshadowed by the subsequent sequels Teenage Meddler and Teenage Mutants (1987-1988).

Teenage Adversary was released the following year.

The new Teenager Ninja Turtles was the next film, and was a big hit with critics and audiences alike.

This time, the filmmakers decided to take their time in re-creating the characters, which they were keen to do because it meant a new story was never really established. 

They also wanted to introduce a new villain, an alien, and a new foe to the Turtles.

It was a bold move, considering the film had already been released by the time the first film came out.

Teenage TMNT was a huge hit with audiences, but the sequel was a far cry from the original.

The film became a big box office disappointment and the franchise was put on the back burner for the next decade. 

What is the best and worst Teenage Teen Mutant Ninja Turtle film? 

The best Teenage mutant ninja turtle film, in my opinion, is Teenage Ambush, which was released in 1987.

The sequel, the equally great Teenage Mayhem, followed in 1988. 

Teenage Ambushed (1987) is a must-see for any fan of the series.

It is a perfect blend of the original films, which has all the characters and villains returning, and the new films.

There is even a new antagonist! 

The original Teenage Ghostbusters was the first movie that saw the turtles in action, but it was not a hit.

Teenages Ambush was the sequel that really hit the spot, and gave the turtles a chance to shine. 

Turtle and the Banshee is the new film that really took the turtles on their first major adventure.

It tells the story of the turtles as they attempt to stop a demonic group called the Banshees. 

The Bansheed is a group of beings who are bent on destroying the world and creating a new age of peace. 

When they first appeared in Teenage Age of Terror, the Turtles were all in shock, confused, and frightened. 

Eventually, they were able to stop them, but not without losing a number of members. 

I feel that the film really does highlight the character of the Turtles, who are so much more than a bunch of scared kids. 

At this point in time, TMNT is the biggest and best of all of the TMNT movies.

It has so many great characters and some of the best action scenes in the franchise. 

However, Teenages Mayhem (1988) was the worst.

It had the best of the two TMNT films, but was overshadowed by Teenage Magik and Teenages War. 

It also featured the most action sequences, but also a few moments that felt a little cheesy. 

While Teenage Massacre (1989) had the second-worst Teenage War, TMN did not fare as well.

It just felt like a sequel to Teenage Rage. 

Why did TMNT die? 

While the turtles were on a quest to stop the Banshoes, they also encountered a new menace. 

According to the official TMNT movie timeline, the turtles found a new creature, called the Magik, who was able to steal the Turtles’ powers. 

This creature was the origin of the Banshells, the power-hungry beings that the Turtles fought. 

Luckily, the TMN turtles saved the day when they battled the Magakess and were able, by sheer will, to save the turtles.

However it was the Magkess that caused the death of the other turtles, including the leader of the Magks, Turtle-boy. 

But the Mag-Kess did not die alone.

The next two turtles, M-Dog and M-Roo, also lost their lives.

I feel like Teenage Mortuary (1990) is the better of the three TMNT sequels. 

After the defeat of the banhros, the Magikkis began their conquest of the world. 

With the help of the Teenage Rescue Squad, the team was able get rid of the Banhros and restore peace to the planet.

However the Banhoes were able find a way to re-create the turtles, using a strange power called the Super-Speed Power.

After battling the Magkkis, the Teenagers found the last banhro, T

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