Posted October 01, 2018 07:33:17 It’s been a tough year for women’s weight loss.

But what about the men who struggle with their weight?

Here’s a look at 10 impotable men who are on a quest to lose weight.


Matt O’Connor, New York City Matt O.

Connor was a huge part of the New York Yankees dynasty and one of the biggest busts in sports history.

Nowadays, he works as a motivational speaker.

He has a book out called How to Win Friends, Influence People, and Have a Happy Life.

But when he was a young man, he lost a lot of weight and has been eating like a maniac ever since.

O’Conner is currently the host of his own weight loss show, The Weight Loss Show.


Mike Tyson, New Jersey Mike Tyson was an NFL quarterback and one time heavyweight boxing champion.

He was the father of two sons.

Now he’s one of boxing’s biggest stars, and he recently announced his plan to lose 40 pounds.


Jim Carrey, Los Angeles Jim Carrerey is an actor and producer.

He’s starred in films such as The Hangover Part III and The Last Picture Show.

He is also a comedian and writer.

He told the Huffington Post he started his weight loss journey after seeing his ex-wife get pregnant.

He lost 33 pounds in six months and is still in the gym.


Nick Cannon, New Orleans Nick Cannon is an NBA star and former New Orleans Saints running back.

He played on the Atlanta Falcons from 2008-2014.

Now, he has a podcast called “My Body and My Game” that’s filled with interviews with fitness experts.


Mark Wahlberg, Los Gatos Mark W.ahlberg is a film producer and director who has made some movies about his experiences with mental health.

He started a program called “Body Change” with his trainer and fellow actor/comedian John Stamos.


James Deen, Los Angles James Deener, who has starred in The Hangovers, The Wedding Singer, The Bachelor and other films, is a former actor who is currently promoting his movie My Body Is a Wonderland.

He had a recent weight loss attempt in February and has said he plans to lose another 40 pounds this year.


David Hasselhoff, New Mexico David Haslhoff is an American actor and comedian.

He plays David in the TV series The Office.

He currently has a new show called The Last Celebrity Apprentice called The David Hasluck Show.


John Mayer, Los Angeles John Mayer is an acclaimed musician and producer who has produced music for many films, including his latest, The Last Song.

Mayer also stars in his own music video called “The Last Song.”


Michael Moore, Los Angels Michael Moore is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and journalist.

He co-founded the Documentary Fund with Michael Moore and has produced documentaries about the 2016 presidential election.


Mark Zuckerberg, New Zealand Mark Zuckerberg is the co-founder of Facebook and one-time co-owner of the Minnesota Vikings football team.

He recently released a new book called The Most Important Thing.

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