Japanese doctors have declared that their newborn baby had an “accident” and they are now demanding that her parents pay for the surgery to save her life.

A newborn baby is placed in a neonatal intensive care unit at Tokyo’s Tokyo Hospital after being accidentally killed by a kitty.

The infant, born on December 23, was the first baby in Japan to be killed by an adult cat since a baby named Taku was killed in 2003 by a stray dog.

“This is a very rare case and we are not sure what caused the accident,” the chief doctor at the hospital, Dr Akira Ueno, told AFP news agency.

“I’m worried that this will be a case of mistaken identity,” he said.

“We have not received a report about the cat, and we can’t know what was going on at the time.”

The newborn was in an intensive care ward for a month and was in good health.

It was found that she had been injured by the cat.

“This infant had not been exposed to cats before.”

It is the first known case of an infant being killed by cats in Japan since a cat named Tuka killed a baby boy in 2003.

The newborn is now recovering at the Tokyo Hospital, where doctors said she was stable.

According to the local newspaper Asahi Shimbun, she had a fractured skull, but no internal injuries.

“She’s doing well,” a hospital spokeswoman told the newspaper.

“Doctors have not yet told us the cause of death.

If she does not recover, we will be forced to remove her from life support.”

The cat’s owner was arrested on Wednesday.

The newborn’s mother was also arrested and faces the same charges.

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