In the early 1900s, scientists developed a contraceptive called “antibiotic impotency”.

It could stop ovulation in women and, crucially, prevent the implantation of the sperm inside their body.

But this was the first time it was used for both women and men.

A century later, scientists discovered that it could also block fertilisation and prevent fertilisation of the ovum.

But the technology was never put to use, leaving scientists scratching their heads as to why it had been so unsuccessful.

The idea was put to rest when scientists discovered a way to use it for both men and women.

A lot of research in the last decade has focussed on women’s use of condoms, as they have the most effective protection against STIs.

However, while the vast majority of women who use condoms will have a successful sex life, some women have found it more difficult to have a happy sex life.

This is where impotent might come in.

In research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, a team led by Dr Andrew Haggerty of the University of Sydney looked at the effects of impotents on women and their sex lives.

They looked at data from the Australian National Sexual Health Survey, conducted every two years, from 2010 to 2016.

The survey covered nearly 15,000 women aged 18 to 44.

They asked the women whether they had ever been impotent, whether they ever used condoms and whether they used a combination of condoms and other methods to prevent pregnancy.

They also asked them to complete a questionnaire about their sexual behaviour and their level of satisfaction with their sex life over the past year.

Dr HaggerTY and his colleagues were able to find a link between the use of impotent women and sexual satisfaction.

“Our results show that impotencies have an impact on sexual satisfaction in both men as well as women,” Dr Haggarty said.

“It appears that women who have experienced impotences are more satisfied with their sexual lives.”

It’s clear that a lot of the research on impotential women is focussing on them, and it’s also clear that impotent people are far less likely to have successful sex lives than their non-impotent counterparts.

However Dr Hagerty said it was also possible that women could benefit from a longer term of impulsive sex.

“If you have a sexual relationship with a woman who has a sexual history of impotsence, you may be able to reduce your risk of impoetence by engaging in a longer period of intercourse and possibly even getting pregnant,” he said.

But while it’s not necessarily impotent that causes impotens, Dr Hagan said that they could be used to increase the effectiveness of condoms.

“There’s a lot that can be done with condoms,” he added.

“A condom that’s impotent could reduce the chance of a condom not working.”

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