The tax on penis size has been in place for a long time, but it was only recently that the government finally took the plunge and began collecting a monthly tax on the value of the organs.

The first time the tax was collected was in 1872.

Now, thanks to the efforts of the National Geographic Society, we know how it works: the tax will be collected on the first dollar that a man spends at a sex shop in Canada.

For every dollar spent on male genitalia, the government will get 1 cent. 

The tax will help the government fund a number of programs that would otherwise not be able to be funded, such as the government’s campaign to end male circumcision.

The tax will also pay for things like research on penis development, research on penile cancer, and research on erectile dysfunction, which is what the tax is supposed to treat.

The idea behind the tax, according to the National Research Council, is that men who are not able to have sex are impotent, and so they are not valued enough in terms of their value as individuals.

According to the report, “the cost of erectile failure is higher for men of less ability than for those who are able to achieve orgasm.” 

The National Research Commission says that the tax “will provide a substantial financial stimulus to the health and well-being of Canadians.”

But what exactly does the tax mean?

The National Research Commissioner has explained the tax in the National Capital Commission’s annual report: The purpose of this tax is to increase the value and status of male sexual organs in Canada by discouraging their sexual exhibition and by raising the awareness of men’s economic vulnerability.

In other words, it will do nothing to promote or increase male sexual health.

Instead, it is intended to promote the health of men and encourage men to have and maintain penile health. 

And if you’re wondering what the word “impotence” means, it means a lack of sexual desire or the inability to get an erection.

And, according the National Commission, the “cost of erectiles failure is high for men and is a major factor in the risk of many sexually transmitted infections.”

So, while it’s great that the federal government is finally doing something about male sexual dysfunction, it seems unlikely that it will really change the value or status of the penis for men.

And even if the tax did increase penis size, there’s no guarantee that the change would be as large as what the National Centre for Research in Sex and Reproduction (NCRSRP) found in a recent study. 

In the study, published in the Journal of Sex Research, NCRSRP researchers used a mathematical model to estimate the tax’s effect on penises and examined how it might change over time.

The researchers concluded that the “tax will decrease penis size for men by about 0.8 centimeters per year for a total effect of about 0:20 per cent.

The increase in penile size will be about 0,15 centimeters for a net gain of about 10 centimeters per man.” 

So, although the tax does seem to make a significant impact on penis sizes, it’s unclear whether the tax actually leads to more penis size or more erectile health, which could be a good thing for men who already have the condition. 

How to pay the tax If you’re looking for a way to pay your tax, you can use the Canada Revenue Agency’s online tool, which shows you how to do it online.

The National Capital Review’s website also has a similar tool that will help you find out how to pay.

But if you want to know if the Canadian government will actually collect the tax (and how), you can check out the National Bureau of Economic Research’s report, The Tax Effect on Penis Size, which outlines the effects of the tax.

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