A new book by journalist and author Maria Corse, “I Don’t Feel Like the First Lady” , says the first ladies visits to Corso Impots were misunderstood and have cost taxpayers $1.8 billion over their time in office.

Corse, a former New York Times and ABC News journalist who writes for Vice News, the Huffington Post and other publications, told Business Insider she decided to write the book after her own experience with her first trip to Corsterempics after she left the White House in January.

Corse’s first visit to the Corse plant was at the request of the Clintons to honor a deal for a new plant in Mexico.

Corse was able to stay with the Clintons for a few days and then went to the factory to meet the workers and meet some of the owners.

“It was an opportunity to meet some really amazing people who had never seen the outside world before,” Corse told Business Insiders in an interview.

“And so I felt really comfortable in the knowledge that I was working for the first family.”

Coruse said she was initially not impressed by the workers, but after she visited the factory, she began to see a lot of positive changes in the plant and the workers.

“I was amazed to see the people are doing great,” she said.

“One of the guys told me, ‘I think we should hire you.

It’s an opportunity.

You can do something great here.

You’re in this business, so go get it.'”

Corse said she met many workers who were willing to share their stories with her.

During her visit, she said she saw the plant’s “biggest fear” in terms of safety and safety training being lacking.

In a new book, Corse says the Clintons have been “misunderstanding” the factory and that they are “missing the boat” by not having an infrastructure plan in place to prevent the worst possible disasters.

The plant is in the midst of a $20 billion reconstruction effort after a fire destroyed parts of the factory in 2010.

Corsey says that while she appreciated the visit from the first couple, the visit did not take her away from her job.

“They did give me a chance to meet them, but I didn’t get to see them because of the disaster,” Corsse said.

“I did not get to hear their thoughts on the disaster and the problems it created for the workers there.

It was not as meaningful to me as the other people who I saw there.”

She said that her experience with the first visit also hurt her relationship with the Clinton family.

“The Clintons were never my first choice,” Corsesaid.

“They’re my worst enemy.”

The first lady’s visit to an auto assembly plant in Michigan that had been shut down by fire in 2010, helped cement Corses reputation as a journalist and critic of the First Family.

A New York City fire survivor and Corse’s daughter, Rosie, later spoke out against the Clintons after Corse left the president’s mansion and went to visit a worker at the factory.

Rosie Corse also spoke out publicly against the First Ladies visits, telling ABC News that the visits were not appropriate and she did not want to meet with the couple.

“She had the same problem that I had with the First Sisters, that the First ladies are just not my kind of people,” Corisaid.

“And that’s what it comes down to.

We have this beautiful tradition that’s been passed down through generations that the first women come from families that were better than our own.

And they are able to understand the problems of the people who are going to come after us.”

Corse says she did feel some disappointment that her own trip to the plant did not lead to a better outcome.

“That was a really big disappointment because they did have a chance,” Corsiad said.

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