A woman has been able to postpone the birth of her second child after having a vasectomies performed, in a case that is raising questions about whether the procedure is ethical.

Lima, Peru, resident Yulia Martínez is 38 and has had her first child.

She is now 34 and her first son was born on March 13, and her second one on March 16.

After having a procedure performed at the Hospital de la República de Lima in the city, Martínguez received a call from her husband who said his daughter had been born, and she was told the baby was healthy.

However, she said, the doctors said that the child had already passed through the first stage of a pregnancy and that the baby would be impotent.

The doctors told her to stay at home for another three days.

On March 22, Martiguez called a colleague, who said she could go to a hospital for the procedure.

She told her that the procedure was not a valid procedure and that she needed to go to the hospital immediately.

She went to the clinic and was told she needed an appointment with a gynecologist.

She arrived and went into the clinic.

She told the doctor that she had a vasal sphincter defect, which means her cervix has not developed properly.

After some time, the doctor asked if the baby could be born with a lower level of sperm and she said yes.

The doctor gave the baby a birth certificate, which she took to the gynecologists.

The gynecological tests showed that the pregnancy had failed, and the doctor told her she could not expect to conceive.

The gynecology test showed a normal sperm count, but that the sperm was immature, and not ready to mature.

Martigez had the baby at home and her husband took the child to the neonatal intensive care unit at the hospital.

The newborn, who was named Elisa, weighed only 8 pounds, 12 ounces, and was still growing, according to the newspaper El Mundo.

According to the doctors, the baby should be discharged after one month, but Martiges said the baby had no life, was not developing and could not even hold its head upright.

On her Facebook page, Martín said she is extremely proud of her husband for the surgery, adding that it is “a great step towards a new life for our daughter.”

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