I had just finished my usual morning commute, when my phone buzzed.

I opened the app, and my screen was filled with messages from friends and colleagues who had asked for advice about how to improve their personal lives.

One of the first messages, from a young woman in Melbourne, said she had a difficult time with her husband, who was impotent.

She wrote: I have been told to pray for him to find a new wife and to start a family.

He’s not happy about it.

I’m worried about him.

She went on to say she was struggling with her mental health, but that she’d been praying for him not to be impotent: I’m praying for that God-fearing woman who is always asking if God is in her life, or if she is really in love with him, or that she has a strong sense of faith in the power of the Holy Spirit, or even that she is in a relationship with God.

The woman said she felt like she was praying for someone to come forward and say, ‘You’re not alone, I can help you.

Just be faithful and be patient’.

The message was delivered by a young Australian woman who had been praying and calling for advice for impots.

The message from the woman who felt like her husband was impotent was so moving, so meaningful, and so inspiring, that I immediately thought of her.

The young woman’s message to the woman in the car was so meaningful and so inspirational, I thought, and felt so inspired to tell it to anyone who felt the same way.

I also realised that it wasn’t just the woman’s story.

In fact, there were so many women across Australia who were feeling the same things.

In the past year, I’ve spoken with more than 30 women who were similarly struggling.

Many of these women said they had prayed for their husbands’ impotences to change, or prayed that their husbands would be able to become more emotionally healthy, more spiritually focused and more emotionally secure.

I found it incredibly encouraging that many of these conversations were taking place in Australia, which has one of the most high rates of impotents in the world.

There are over 6.5 million Australians who are currently living with a mental health condition that affects their ability to be happy or to live a meaningful life.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, more than one in three people in Australia is living with an impotently diagnosed mental health disorder.

For these people, it can take years for their conditions to get better, and many end up going through a period of depression or psychosis.

It’s not only men who are affected, but also women, who often struggle to find support from others.

Many people who are struggling with impotencies are also struggling with the social stigma associated with having a mental illness.

For example, many people with impotent disorders will be seen as either weak or weakly women, which can be a barrier to their self-esteem.

Women who are living with impotics may feel like they are not seen as strong enough to take charge of their lives, and it can be hard for them to express their emotions or to talk about their feelings.

The stigma surrounding impotentials also contributes to their inability to find the support they need to deal with their mental health challenges.

I spoke to a woman who was suffering from impotenses for the past five years.

She was struggling to control her emotions and not to have an affair, and her relationship with her parents and other family members were falling apart.

She had started seeing a therapist, and the therapist suggested she reach out to a priest.

The priest she reached out to was supportive, but not quite what she needed.

She said, ‘I’ve heard of the Lord, but I don’t believe in Him, so I’m not sure how to pray.’

The priest suggested she seek out the support of the bishop, the leader of the church in her diocese.

‘If it’s not him, I think I can ask God to forgive me,’ she said.

‘He will know my heart, and I don.

He can forgive me.’

The Priest She reached out and prayed.

The next day, she went to a group prayer service for impotics.

After the service, she prayed that the Lord would forgive her.

‘I know I’m impotent, but God knows I have no control over my feelings, so he forgives me,’ the woman said.

When I asked her how she felt when she first reached out for help, she said she didn’t feel strong enough yet to ask God for help.

She needed more time to heal and get better.

The Woman In the car, I realized that the message was not only the woman but so many others who had also been struggling with their impotens.

I was struck by

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