President Donald Trump has been in office for only six months.

But in the six months since he took office, he has used his powers of the presidency to make a lot of people feel powerless.

In just the past week alone, Trump has forced businesses, including a grocery chain, to fire over 20,000 employees, threatened to withdraw from the Paris climate accord, revoked protections for immigrants, threatened nuclear weapons, and banned transgender people from serving in the military.

And that doesn’t even include his controversial executive order banning transgender people in the U.S. military from serving openly in the armed forces.

But the president has yet to use his powers to actually accomplish anything.

“It’s the Trump era, and I’m going to have to wait to see what the future holds,” said former Reagan White House Chief of Staff Bill Frist, who has advised several presidential administrations.

“There’s a lot more to the presidency than the daily news cycle.”

That doesn’t mean Trump is powerless.

He is, in fact, very powerful.

He’s in a unique position in history.

But what makes him so powerful is not his ability to make others feel powerless, but his willingness to use that power to further his own agenda and personal agenda.

That’s what Trump has done with his presidency.

He has used it to advance his own political goals.

In the past, the president would go out and try to push the Republican Party to support his agenda.

But he’s now turned to the media, his allies, and his enemies to help him advance his agenda, and he has made a number of people, including the press, look foolish for doing so.

“He’s got a real gift,” said Stephen K. Bannon, who was Trump’s chief strategist before being removed for insubordination.

“If he wants to make an issue out of something, then it’s going to look ridiculous.”

Trump has not only taken a number, but a number to his agenda that would otherwise have been unthinkable.

For example, he is actively promoting the notion that the president is a liar.

In April, Trump said that President Obama ordered him to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller for investigating Russian election interference.

This was after Trump publicly questioned the accuracy of a video released by the Justice Department showing the president admitting that the Russia probe was “a ruse” to distract from the election.

Trump also pushed the lie that the media reported about his firing of FBI Director James Comey.

After firing Comey, Trump tweeted that he wanted Comey fired for leaking details of his conversations with Trump.

But Trump has also been trying to pressure CNN, which he blames for a fake news story that falsely reported that Trump was “wire tapping” the phones of former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

“They got a lot going on,” said Breitbart News senior editor Ben Shapiro.

“That’s why I said it’s like the Nixon presidency, and the Nixon era is just a continuation of Trump.”

Trump’s biggest accomplishment in the presidency so far has been his ability for his administration to enact his agenda in ways that were not possible under the Obama administration.

Trump’s actions in the past few months have helped to put him in the position of being the leader of the free world.

And Trump is using his power to the fullest extent of his powers.

It’s an incredible achievement, but the fact that he is doing so without having actually done anything shows that he hasn’t taken any of the consequences of that power into account.

“The president is going to be able to continue to advance whatever agenda he wants,” said Bill Kristol, the editor of The Weekly Standard and one of the most prominent conservative voices on the internet.

“This is the Trump presidency, people are going to follow.”

This is not to say that the Trump administration is powerless, just that the actions taken by the president are not as powerful as they could be.

There is a difference between taking actions that are not legal, and actions that can be taken legally, and there is a much larger difference between using power to make people feel helpless and actually doing something.

That is why the Trump White House has made this administration so powerful.

That power is derived from the fact, as former President George W. Bush once said, that “you can’t use power to solve problems.”

In this case, Trump’s power is to make the world feel helpless.

It is a power that has only grown in size over the past six months and could easily lead to a situation that would be impossible to imagine today.

“We are going in a very dangerous direction,” said John Hinderaker, a conservative columnist who previously worked in the Reagan White Houses press office.

“I think it is dangerous.

I think it’s a little bit insane.”

For now, though, it is up to Trump to figure out how to use the power he has now.

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