JAPANS IMPOTENT WIFE BEGAN BILLIONAIRE TO BE EXPANSED TO 25 MILLION DOLLARS by Reuters article NEW YORK (Reuters) – Japan’s cabinet approved on Tuesday the country’s first universal preschool, including free meals and free education for all children, after weeks of debate that pitted the traditional conservative majority against the liberal minority.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said the measure was needed to bring back to the forefront the aspirations of the countrys traditional middle class.

The measure, which takes effect from July 1, will expand a program that had been shuttered in 2012, and expand childcare, which has been limited in recent years to around 400 children.

It also allows for the establishment of a National Education Institute (NIE), which will be responsible for funding higher education.

The NIE is set to receive about 1.2 billion yen ($16.5 million) in government funds, the largest allocation to any of Japan’s education sectors.

The plan aims to create 500,000 new positions in the private sector by 2020, and 1 million public sector jobs by 2025.

In a statement, Education Minister Masaaki Suga said the plan would help the country better prepare for the global economy.

He added that the measure would also make education more accessible to young people, by encouraging them to study in high-quality public preschools.

Suga said the new program would help to boost Japan’s standing as an international center for innovation and education.

(Reporting by Tom Hooykoop; Editing by Paul Simao)

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