Posted March 23, 2019 15:04:51 Apto Arti, the Haiti court that convicted impotent Haitian President Michel Martelly last month, is now the court of the PPTI-FPO (Pédétrios Prudens Para Institucionales), a political party that Martelly founded.

The court’s verdict was the result of a criminal investigation into the PPP-affiliated Arti Impotensives.

Martelly, a PPP ally, was impeached by the Haitian parliament in March after being convicted on charges of corruption and misuse of public funds.

He has not been charged with crimes.

Arti is the PPO’s main candidate in Haiti’s presidential election scheduled for March 18.

Aptos Arti had initially requested a pardon from the court for the impotents’ release.

Marties’ attorneys had argued that Arti was an employee of the court, which had authorized his release from jail last year on condition that he refrain from public activities.

The prosecution argued that the court was the source of the impotent President.

Artísti, who was arrested in February 2016, was charged with corruption after the PPI-Fpo’s probe revealed he used PPP funds to hire a private detective to conduct illegal wiretaps on his political opponents and other officials.

He was sentenced to one year in prison and fined P30,000 for his role in the wiretapping, which also targeted a PPO candidate.

He spent seven months in prison, before being freed on parole in September 2018.

The PPP was also the party responsible for the arrests of other PPP allies, including the president’s former finance minister, Christophe Casto, who had been accused of corruption.

The charges against Martelly and Casto were dropped in November 2018 after prosecutors withdrew all charges against them.

The two were convicted and sentenced to prison terms in March.

Marty’s PPP supporters and the public had long claimed that the imposters were agents of the Haitian government.

But in January, the PPL-FAO (Permanent Legal Assistance for the People) said that the charges against Arti were unfounded.

The Haitian justice system is known for being corrupt, according to the United Nations, and the arrest of Arti could help curb the impunity that has plagued the country’s justice system in recent years.

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